Our products are made with chestnuts coming directly from Galician forests and carefully selected to guarantee their quality and their natural characteristics.

In our commitment to the “integral use of the chestnut tree groves”, in addition to our main product, the Galician chestnut, we have also introduced into our production lines other products such as cranberries, blackberries and raspberries.

All the products by Naiciña, have been produced with the latest technologies but always respecting traditional formulae, methods and quality, without using food colourings or artificial preservatives into our products.

Most of the suppliers of our company are trained on the harvesting of the fruits we use. Once in our facilities, these products go under a selection and preparation process before being frozen by the IQF method, so that they can be processed into our elaborated delicacies afterwards.

We cannot forget that all the products made by Castañas Naiciña, have been elaborated with the latest technology but respecting traditional recipes, methods and quality, therefore they DO NOT CONTAIN FOOD COLOURINGS NOR PRESERVATIVES.