Our Company

Naiciña is an example of a small family business that thrives to become one of the leading international companies in its sector.

Nowadays, it is present throughout Spain, Europe, the United States, Latin America, Japan and the Middle East.


In Chantada (Lugo), the Areán González family began marketing agricultural products in 1972.


In 1985, we decided to bet on the chestnut market, specialising in the production and distribution of this product. Launch of the NAICIÑA brand. Chestnuts are packaged in small packages of 10 and 15 kilos.



We invested in technology with a regular modernisation of the equipment, but we kept the traditional production process unchanged. It was 1989, and we opened the first stage of our current facilities.


1992 was a year of significant events in Spain. Naiciña was able to meet the needs of the consumer and launched the 1 kg packet of chestnuts for supermarkets. First explorations in international markets.


In 1995, NAICIÑA innovated once again by introducing a new brand product, peeled and frozen chestnuts.


Expansion continued in 1998. First company in Spain to produce and market Dried Chestnuts (without smoking) and Chestnut Flour.


A great industrial leap forward was made in 2000, with the production and marketing of new processed products: Marron in Syrup, Chestnut Creams and Purées and Wild Fruit Jam. All of them are very warmly received by the main national pastry and confectionery companies, because of their high quality.


New industrial leap in 2005, the launch in Spain of VACUUM COOKED CHASTE NUTS (Ecological Certification). Packaging in plastic, light and economical packages.


Year 2009, major crisis in Spain, but we achieved the two milestones of which we are most proud: – IFS and BRC certifications and – The production of fresh chestnuts disinfected with water.


In 2010, we started our e-commerce activities, launching NAICIÑA Online.


2011, and 2012 social networks: Naiciña begins on Facebook and Twitter.


The first company to launch a product made with the Galician Chestnut PGI, it is 2013, and we present the brand CASTIÑEIRO de NAICIÑA.


2015: Beginning of commercialisation in supermarkets of our FRESH CHASTE NUTS protected by the Galician Chestnut PGI. Format of 500g under the brand name CASTIÑEIRO de NAICIÑA.


… and here we are in 2017: new website and store NAICIÑA